Beginnig To End - A Musical Mystery Play


“Beginning to End” is an exciting and energetic adaptation of the Mystery or Passion plays.

The Passion plays have a dramatic power and strength that have lasted for centuries.

“Beginning to End” takes this energy and interprets it in a new way, ready for the dawn of a new century and a new millennium.

The Mystery plays, whose origins are found way back in the 15th Century, were the ingenious answer to a simple question: “How do you get someone to read if they’ve never been taught?”
Simple: do the reading for them, make the words quite literally come to life by acting them out. And so the 15th Century church, in its efforts to explain the major events of the Bible to the masses, set about performing its stories. Traditions were soon established as the characters and their lives became an integral part of the audiences’ understanding. Eventually the performances became the responsibility of particular trades-folk and guilds, each having the task of performing the different stories. This association was seen at its most poignant where the pinners (nail-makers) had the dubious honour of being responsible for performing the harrowing scene of the crucifixion of Jesus.
“Beginning to End” takes these well-established scenes and makes them accessible for today's audiences. The device of speech in rhyming couplets is used to stay true to the original format, but the scenes are developed further through a wide variety of songs. The 16 songs in the show have a range of musical styles, from jazz to gospel, to rock and heart-warming ballads; even a little dance music is thrown in.
There is fun and romance as Adam declares his love of a newly created Eve; tension as Abraham sets out to sacrifice his only son Isaac; emotion as Mary cradles her new born baby, anxious to keep him safe from harm; and humour in Noah’s dilemma: quite how does he explain to his wife that he intends to build a boat right in the middle of the desert?
“Beginning to End” takes theatrical history to make a dynamic show for today… and the future!

"Beginning To End" is the first project by Max Thomas which has been released since City Boy have disbanded. It is based on motives from the bible.

Musically it is closer to "Jesus Christ Superstar" than the works done by City Boy and Max Thomas in the seventies and early eighties. Thomas' songwriting has grown more adult, and those who are not into religious songs should not be turned away by he biblical motive, the music is till strong.

The production is done by amateurs (I think) but still they put together a great act. One can hear that it is not a million dollar production, but City Boy fans will like it - just for the fact that it is the first musical life sign from a former band member except Mike Slamer's Steelhouselane.

I have made three songs available via Real Audio.
You can get a Real Player for free from You need the newest Real Player (G2) to hear the songs. A G2 Real Player also comes with the latest version of the Netscape Browser 4.6
The songs are: Just click on a song title to listen to the song via Real Audio!

Another great production!