Heads Are Rolling - The Lyrics




Mr. Shoes

(Mason, Slamer, Ward)

A man could die of thirst

First to the bar and the last to get served

Landlord laughs

You can't get the staff these days

Guess who should walk through the door

Dressed to the nines

And looking nine more

Shows his face

Everyone in the place gets a wave

Hello M-m-m-Mr. Shoes

We love to look at you

Mr. Shoes

Solarium tan you could say he's a man

Mr. Shoes

We love to look at you

Mr. Shoes

A flick of the wrist

And a Listermint kiss

A boy could get sick of this

Sand in your face and the taste on your lips

And how come your suit looks much better

On you than me

It's so hard when you're 21

Life's too short when your nails are too long

And man I could use some of your


Mr. Shoes




Heads Are Rolling

(Mason, Thomas)

Down on the pampas they've got trouble on the campus

Where the students are revolting and the businessmen are mean

They've got plans for the Presidente - who needs El Presedente?

He don't help nobody...

Out on the islands, all that sunshine and violence

They say close down the casinos, and open up the bank

They've got plans for the government, who needs a government?

They don't help nobody...

Roll - heads are rolling, all around the world

Roll - heads are rolling, somebody pointing a finger at you

In the deserts and the jungles, there's an old familiar rumble

It's the natives getting restless, the guerrillas turning mean

They're headed for the White House, they're ready for a wipe-out

This crowd is looking ugly...

Got trouble on the hippie trail, an army's getting greedy

Everybody's getting nervous, can you tell me what it means?

They've got plans for Afghanistan, they've got their eyes on Pakistan

Don't it make you feel uneasy?




Need A Little Loving

(Slamer, Ward)

I got excited

So I decided

I couldn't hide it

Oooh I guess it's time to confess

That you still light me up

Like a cigarette

I had to see you

I have to tell you

That if you wanted

Oooh to take a chance

And you'd see

That your saving a man from insanity

Do you need a little loving

Do you

Need a little loving

Tell me that you

Need a little loving

I see your nervous

You don't deserve it

I'll do the service

I'll bring you round to believe

That you can't mess around with reality

You're out of danger

I'm not a stranger

Sooner or later

Oooh I guess that you've got to know

That I'm here, I can't help

When you're feeling low




Change In The Weather

(Mason, Thomas)

I woke up with rocks in my head

As I pulled on my shoes with my feet still in bed

Ooh, it was a lost weekend

Got to the table screaming, "Never again!"

And I was cursing my terrible luck

There was a hole in my shoe, I was late for the bus

Ooh, she was running for the stop

Got there together and the clouds opened up

There's a change in the weather

Better share an umbrella, there's a storm in the air

Change in the weather

We could stand in the doorway or run for the stairs

Ooh, feel a change for the better now

So I gave her my last cigarette

And we passed it between us with the paper getting wet

Ooh, there was a laugh in her eyes

Made it hard to consider goodbye

An it felt like a movie to me

As I came on like Bogart in a grey gabardine

I made a friend in the rain

I heard the song and said, "Play it again..."





(Mason, Thomas, Slamer, Ward)

There's a fly on the wall, he must have seen it all

Buzzing around my head, the angry words that you said

And when he flies out the door, like you did once before

It brings it all home (Time after time)

Pick up the phone (I'm here all night)

Always alone...

Domino, I'm in the shadows, now your gone, you know

Domino, and I can't seem to find my way

Domino, you cut me deeper than the river flow

Domino, and I stays dark in here all day

It isn't easy to crawl, it isn't easy at all

But when you're never home, it's harder sleeping alone

I'd give the devil his due, for just one word from you

A card in the mail (Once in a while)

Those little details (Keep me alive)

Keep me alive





(Mason, Thomas)


I wish there were something to say

I drank too much of you

And now you've gone to my head

I'm laughing like a fool

You leave me


And words I'm rehearsing all day

Are caught up in the traffic

Getting lost in their way

They're always left unsaid

You leave me



I count every step to the phone

And when I get the nerve to dial

Then you're never home

So here I am alone

And feeling restless

I wanted to say

You're unbelievable

But then I got caught up

On my own reply

If I asked you to stay around

To hear what I might say

Would I see the answers in your eyes


I look for the right things to say

Whoever stole my dictionary

Tore out the page

It happens every day

You leave me



I know that it's all down to you

You see I'm not responsible

I've met my full meen

There's nothing I can do

You leave me





Bloody Sunday

(Mason, Thomas)

There's a gunsight between my eyes

Oh, the jungle's so full of surprises

Looking round for my friends to arrive

Maybe they stayed at home

To stay alive

It's Sunday

Seems to be another bloody Sunday

Weather's lousy


Seems to be another bloody Sunday

Can you tell me where the week-end goes

'Cause it sure goes ... fast!

There's a church that stay's open all day

Saving souls as they're passing the plate around

So salute the American way

Keep your head down low

And don't make a sound

The hours are irregular

When your up against the Popular Front

But you'd rather be adventuring

Than serving up in Burger King

You cut the rug and wipe the floor

When they get theirs then you get your kicks

So who cares what your fighting for

You sure look good in uniform

Keep your eyes on the road up ahead

Someone's mine may be yours

Put barbed wire round the bed

Now you've shoo-ed all the ghosties away

Little man, you've had a busy day




The Sound Of The Bell

(Mason, Thomas, Freise-Green)

Distant voice calling station-to-station

Sounding lonely like a prison cell

We embrace for the final celebration

But we break at the sound of the bell

Like two heavies walking back to their corners

So beat up they can't see themselves

It's been good to go down, spend an hour on the canvas

But you're up at the sound of the bell

It's a heartbeat away, a sound you know very well

Listen to the sound of the bell

In a world full of rumors

It's a jungle everybody yells

The sound of the bell

See the braves wearing names on their sweaters

Holding candles over wishing wells

The scent that you smelt on the back of a letter

Made you freeze at the sound of the bell




You're Leaving Me

(Mason , Slamer, Ward)

Leave my keys in the door

Throw my bills on the floor

A note by the bed was all that se said

You couldn't stay, your leaving me

Take the phone off the wall

Tell your friends when they call

That we're indisposed, and this house is closed

From now on, you're leaving me

You're leaving me, with no good-byes

I want to die, and I don't know why you're

Leaving me with lonely nights

My eyes on the door, my face on the floor

You're leaving me, and life goes on , night after day

And time drags by real slowly non

How d'you spend your weekend

I stayed over with friends

And talked until four, slept on the floor

Missing you - you're leaving me...




Heaven For The Holidays

(Mason, Slamer, Ward)

Long, hot summer night, kisses by the street light

Button up, missed the bus, you'll never be home

For midnight...

It's a cruel world, it's a cruel world

Krushchev, Kennedy, a little piece of history

Daddy said we're coming close, we took it with a pinch of glory

What a cruel world...

Heaven for the holidays, heroes on the radio

Heaven for the holidays, searching for a place to go

Hiding in the alleyway, choking on a cigarette

Heaven for the holidays, the sun's awful red

And it scares me to death

Back seat, heartbeat, making out from memory

Hands up, heads low, eyes looking out

The window...

At the cruel world...

Space talk, moonwalk, it's all right, Ma

Prime time merchandise, it certainly pays to advertise

In the cruel world...

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Life On The Balcony

(Mason, Thomas, Slamer)

Tell me please, is there life out on the balcony?

Do we still hear noises in the dark, striking sparks and fires

Tell me dear, how many ghosts you hide in here

I hear voices on the telephone, when there's no-one home

Just me

Life on the balcony

Are you sure, no-one stands behind the bedroom door?

Hands around the curtain cord, waiting for the light...

I could swear, I heard someone walking down the stairs

he was calling out your name, dream again, I guess

Will you let me out of here, I feel so alone

You treat me like a prisoner, turn my heart to stone

Statues in the living room, paintings in the hall

Lovers on the balcony, waiting in the cold

Life on the balcony...

I can see you hold others here as well as me

Wrapped in chains and jealousy, set them free...

Now I'm sure I don't want to live here anymore

Collecting dust an battle scars

taken for your fool

Will you let me out of here...



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