Those were the days...

The history page started out as a short excerpt from the liner notes of the "Heads are Rolling" album. And the page stayed like that for years.

But now this has changed. Max Thomas started to comment more and more on the band's history. What a kind soul he is. And how good for us fans to learn about the history of the band from a source VERY close to the events - I can't thank him enough for his great texts.
If you other band members read this - and i know that some do - I will always be ready and glad to hear your part of the story!!! Just send an email to and make me and the other fans happy!

Here comes the first small paragraph that was on the first page of the City Boy homesite. After you have endured this you can go to the real interesting stuff :)

"Most people may have never heard about City Boy, because they never were one of the megasellers of this decade. Their music is best described as a mixture between Queen and 10cc with lots of other influences of course. With Mike Slamer they had one of the best guitarists at the time, so their music is worth listening to for everyone who loves to hear some tasteful playing. Whoever likes the above groups' music will like City Boy for sure. "

Click here to read what Max Thomas tells us about the years before City Boy was formed

Click here to read what Max Thomas tells us about the later times with City Boy

Click here to read an "official" band biography

Another great production!