The Pictures


06/2001: Theo Lagarde kindly sent more scans from the same concert to me. the quality is exceptionally good. You can see these pictures on the More Dutch Photos Pages.

06/2001 - promo photos from the "Book Early" days

04/2001 - alternative cover for the Book Early album

03/2001 - New pictures are available! Please go this page to view them.

Thanks to Frank Pedersen I have some pictures from a City Boy live gig in Denmark. These pictures are one of the rare opportunities to see our heroes. But there will be more soon!
If anyone of you has some old magazines with photos of the boys at home,
please contact me at

To see some really exciting photos of Mike Slamer and the band  go to the "Dutch Photos Page". The photos have been made by Theo Lagarde.

City Boy live in October, 1979

Pictures  Frank Pedersen

Another great production!