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The first four City Boy albums have been re-released on Renaissance Records. You can order them here.

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City Boy

Released 1976
City Boy line-up: Mark I
Available on CD - Bear Tracks BTCD 979415-2
Originally Released by Vertigo (no number available)

Producer: Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Recorded (in a week) at The Manor Studios, Oxford

  • The Songs:
  • (Moonlight) Shake my Head and Leave
  • Deadly Delicious
  • Surgery Hours (doctor doctor)
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Oldball Dance
  • 5000 years/Don't know can't tell
  • The Hap-ki-do Kid
  • The greatest Story ever told
  • Haymaking Time

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dinner1.jpg - 10027,0 K

Dinner at the Ritz

Released 1976
City Boy line-up: Mark I
Vertigo 6.360136 BD - No longer available - No CD release

Producer: Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, South Wales
Mixed at Trident, London

  • The Songs:
  • Momma's Boy
  • Walk on the Water
  • Narcissus
  • Dinner at the Ritz (with guest appearence by Van der Graaf Generator)
  • Goodbye Blue Monday
  • The Violin
  • State Secrets - A Thriller

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dinner2.jpg - 10164,0 K

Young Men Gone West

Released 1977
City Boy line-up: Mark II Vertigo 630151 - No longer available - No CD release

Producer: Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, South Wales
Mixed at Trident, London
Drums on all tracks: Tony Braunagel

  • The Songs:
  • Dear Jean (I'm nervous)
  • Bordello Night
  • Honeymooners
  • She's Got Style
  • Bad for Business
  • Young Men Gone West
  • I've been spun
  • One after two
  • The Runaround
  • The Man who ate his Car
  • Millionaire

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Book Early

Released 1978
City Boy line-up: Mark III
Vertigo 9102028 - No longer available - No CD release

Producer: Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, South Wales; Trident Studios, London; Wessex Studios, London
Mixed at Record Plant, Los Angeles
Drums and vocals: new band member Roy Ward

  • The Songs:
  • Summer in the Schoolyard
  • Goodbye Laurelie
  • Raise your Glass (to foolish me)
  • Cigarettes
  • What a Night
  • Do what you do, do well
  • Beth
  • The World Loves a Dancer
  • Moving in Circles
  • Dangerous Ground

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The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Released 1979
City Boy line-up: Mark III
Vertigo 6360173 - No longer available
CD Release: Bear Tracks BTCD 979 419 AH

Producer: Robert John "Mutt" Lange
Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas

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Heads Are Rolling

Released 1980
City Boy line-up: Mark IV
Vertigo 6359024 - No longer available
CD release: Bear Tracks BTCD 979420 AH

Producer: Tim Friese-Green
Recorded at Superbear Studios, France; Tocano Studios, Denmark

  • The Songs:
  • Mr. Shoes
  • Heads Are Rolling
  • Need a Little Loving
  • Cjange in the Weather
  • Domino
  • Speechless
  • Bloody Sunday
  • The Sound of the Bell
  • You're leaving me
  • Heaven for the Holidays
  • Life on the Balcony

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It's Personal

"It's Personal" Logo

I didn't even know, that this record exists! Grateful thanks go out to John Børre Bjørnsrud for the info. Thanks to Marcus for actually sending me a copy!!!

Released 1981
City Boy line-up: Mark IV
Vertigo/City Boy 6359 066 - No longer available - No CD release
Producer: Mike Slamer + City Boy
Recorded at: Battery Studios, The Farmyard + Rockfield Studios

Since not many City Boy fans own this album I'll include more infos than usual -

Mixed at: Rockfield Studios by Pat Moran, Mike Slamer + City Boy
Special Thanks to:
Dave "this is an answering machine" Smith
Davey Payne, saxophone on "Who Killed Delores", and "The Blind Leading The Blind"
Dave Stewart, synthesisers (sic!) on "Lovers", and "No Ordinary Life"
Brian Homer and John Reardon of Sidelines, design and photography

  • The Songs:
  • Lovers (Mason/Slamer)
  • Rat Race (Mason/Thomas)
  • Who killed Delores? (Mason/Slamer)
  • The blind leading the blind (Mason/Thomas)
  • Le Guerra De Mondo (Mason/Thomas)
  • No Ordinary Life (Mason/Slamer)
  • It`s personal (Mason/Thomas)
  • Names and addresses (Mason/Slamer/Ward)
  • Exit the heavyweight (Mason/Thomas)

"This album was released on Vertigo/City Boy in 1981 and included the work of Roy Ward on drums, Mike Slamer on guitars(and bass I presume), Max Thomas on keyboards and Lol Mason on vocals.
In spite of the absence of Broughton, this is a brilliant album with some of Mason's best vocal performances ever. Get hold of it, and ENJOY!!!" - John Børre Bjørnsrud

The Afterlife - projects involving members from City Boy after 1982

Lol Mason

with the


Maisonettes For Sale

Released 1983
Polydor 813 670-1 - No longer available 

CD: Pop Almanac PACD 7016 (CD with 3 bonus tracks ("This Affair" "Say it Again" and a remix of "Heartache Avenue") - thanks to Tom Pitsis for the info)

Producer: Mason/Tibenham
Recorded at: ?
Members: Lol Mason, Mark Tibenham, Nick Parry

  • The Songs:
  • Addicted (Mason/Tibenham)
  • Sticks & Stones (Mason/Tibenham)
  • Hot Club (Mason/Tibenham)
  • Lessons In Love (Mason/Tibenham)
  • Nightmares (Mason/Tibenham)
  • Heartache Avenue (Mason/Tibenham)
  • This Affair (Mason/Tibenham)
  • Say It Again (Mason/Tibenham)
  • Roni Come Home (Mason/Tibenham)
  • Daddy Don't You Know (Mason/Tibenham)
  • Lifeboat (Mason/Tibenham)
  • Last One To Know (Mason/Tibenham)


The girls are Carla Mendoca and Elisa Richards


With Mark Shreeve:


Mike Slamer

Latest Band-Project: Steelhouselane

With "Streets":


Released 1982
Atlantic 80117-1 - no CD available

  • Band Members:
  • Steve Walsh (Vocals, Keyboards) - I think that's the guy from Kansas
  • Tim Gehrt (Drums, Percussion)
  • Billy Greer (Bass, Vocals)
  • Mike Slamer (Guitars)

Producer: Neil Kernon

Crimes in Mind

Released 1985
Atlantic 781246-1 - no CD available
Same Band members as above
Producer: Beau Hill

Mike Slamer as Producer:

Michael Sweet - Real

Now, here comes a load of info Marcus Bengtson from Sweden gave me (thanks Marcus!). It's all about albums on which Mike Slamer has worked after the end of City Boy. Appearently he moved to LA and got deep into the "chicks with dicks" music scene, that was so fashionable throughout the eightees. Since I hardly know anything about the following groups and productions I'll better shut up now...

*Wall of Silence-Shock to the system.
-wrote a couple of songs & produced it-

*Hardline-Double eclipse.
-co-wrote 1 song (dr love)-

*Fiona-Beyond the pale
-plays guitar on most tracks-

*Fiona-Heart like a gun
-plays guitar on most tracks & co-wrote 1.

*James Christian-Rude awakening
-wrote,produced,mixed,played drums,played guitars & acoustics on one song.

*House of Lords-Demons down
-co-wrote a couple of songs-

*New Monkees-s/t
-played guitar & keyboards on most of the record. co-wrote & produced 1 song.

*World War Three-WWW
-Produced the whole album

Some more information about Mike Slamer from Dave Bednarek: "I reviewed your "Recordings" section and notice one tidbit missing regarding Mike Slamer: If you check the "thanks" inside Warrant's "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich" album you will notice that Mike Slamer is mentioned. The rumor is that Mike actually played all of the guitar solos on the record. Apparently, the guitarists for Warrant were not too skilled at the time of their debut record. If you are in doubt of the rumor, all you need to do is listen to the solos on the album. If you are familiar with Mike Slamer's style, there will be no doubt in your mind that it is his work on the album."

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December 17, 2000

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