Where Are They Now?

Steve Broughton wrote some songs for Cindy Lauper.
One of the most asked questions should be answered here as well: Steve Broughton is NOT the brother of Edgar Broughton!
His real name is Steve Blunt. You can read here, what he is up to.

Lol Mason is mentioned in another review, which is not too, ahem, nice about his vocals. Go that way to see it. Read more in Max's email later on this page.

Mike Slamer is mentioned in a review of an album of Michael Sweet. Go this way to see it.

After City Boy quit Mike Slamer recorded at least two albums with the American group "Streets". Look at the "The Recordings" section for detailed information. His latest project Steelhouselane has released two albums. Please go to the Steelhouselane homesite, done by the Mighty Rev. Mike Slamer is still very active in the music business and seems to do just fine.

Thanks to Max Thomas I can add a major update to this page! In an email he told me what has happened to "the boys" and where they are now:

"Lol is the only one still in Birmingham, and he remains a very close friend of mine...he also, as it happens, lives with my niece--she's only 6 years younger than me, he hasn't been cradle-snatching! The info that I guess Julian Blount provided about his career efforts is right...he's been trying to get into comedy script writing for the last few years, and it looks as though he is about to succeed.

Roy Ward lives in Glyn Ceiriog in North Wales.. I haven't seen him for a couple of years, but we speak on the phone occasionally. The only music that he's involved with is encouraging others who are in their own bands...which he sometimes plays in, but only to get them going. [...] Roy also sang on the 1982(?) version of "The Lion sleeps Tonite" which was released by Tight Fit who were only actually formed as a band after the hit.

Mike lives in Los Angeles, having married his American wife Sue, they moved there a couple of years after the band split up...he is establishing himself as an instrumental and film theme-type composer as well as a producer. We're still in touch, but we haven't seen them since they left the UK in 1983ish.

Steve is in New York, and married to his American wife Rhona. He is involved with the music business, but I don't know in what capacity at the moment. After his departure from the band at the end of 1979, virtually all contact was broken. [ ...] we all need to meet again really, but I don't know if that will ever happen as everybody is so far apart geographically.

Chris Dunn also married an American woman, Ticia, and he lives in New Jersey, as far as I know. I think he runs a P.A. hire company, but that information may be out of date. Again, there's been no contact with him since his leaving the band at the same time as Steve."
...excerpt from an email Max Thomas kindly sent to me.

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